The Procyon Insurgency


The Procyon Insurgency is a classic campaign and expansion pack for Freespace 2. It begins in the year 2368, 18 months after the end of the main Freespace 2 story. As a new Vasudan pilot recruited into the ranks of the GTVA, you are assigned to the crew of the GVD Sekham in Polaris as the GTVA fights back against an insurgent separatist regime and discovers much greater forces at play.

The Procyon Insurgency was designed from the outset to emphasize the mission design and gameplay experience, with challenging combat scenarios and an intricate and engrossing plot that expands upon the Freespace universe. The campaign takes advantage of many features added into the game by the Freespace Source Code Project. The campaign was originally conceived in June 2001 as a four mission mini-project but steadily grew in scope into something much larger, and was released in April 2007 as the culmination of over 1000 hours of work spread out over the years. Today, it remains a classic Freespace campaign from an earlier era, but has seen regular updates to ensure compatibility with modern Freespace 2 builds and asset upgrades.