The Procyon Insurgency


This walkthrough describes detailed strategies for completing every mission in the campaign with full points. Needless to say, there are major spoilers here, so refer to it only if you get stuck or have already completed the campaign. Highlight the text to read it.

Mission 1
Dawn of War
Difficulty rating: 1
Bonus points: 1, for saving both freighters and the cruiser.
Medal: none

Easy introduction to PI. Take Tempests instead of Tornadoes and intercept the enemy wings at close range. Don't forget about the asteroids, which if ignored can deal significant damage to the Ihu in particular. The bonus point is essentially a freebie.

Mission 2
The Blue Deluge
Difficulty rating: 3
Bonus points: none
Medal: Allied Defense Citation, for completing the mission.

Take Tempests instead of Harpoons. There aren't any real tactics needed here; just attack the enemy bombers with Tempests and the Vulcan at close range. When the Amycus arrives, stay away from it and let the others handle it. At one point, several different types of bombers will come at once and the Boanerges wings should take priority, followed by the Ursas. The Locris needs to have about 10% hull strength remaining when the Helicon arrives to survive the damage from the enemy beams. The mission ends when you enter the Sekham.

Mission 3
Contested Recovery
Difficulty rating: 2
Bonus points: none
Medal: none

Replace the Circe with a Mekhu or Vulcan (the Maxim/Circe combo only works well against slow moving fighters) and the Rockeyes with Tempests. Infyrnos are another useful option and can be used as a poor man's bomb against the Chensit. After the first few messages, repeatedly press the target cycle key to target the unknown object. It's basically visible for two seconds, then invisible for the next six seconds, then visible for two seconds, and so on for about 30 seconds. You need to keep it targeted for at least one second, before the freighter jumps out, to get the bonus objective. After that, go after the Sernin and destroy it right away. Stay away from the Chensit and destroy all of the sentry guns and fighters. Once everything else is destroyed, order everyone to attack the Chensit and just hit it from a distance with the Maxim and Tornados. A few fighter waves come in, after which a corvette arrives and Command tells you to destroy all the Erinyes. You can also destroy the crates (and the freighters too, if you're careful) for a few extra kills.

Mission 4
Preliminaries of Offense
Difficulty rating: 4
Bonus points: 2, one for keeping both the Diomedes and Unut over 60% strength and another one for keeping all five convoy ships alive.
Medal: Epsilon Pegasi Liberation Medal, for keeping both the Diomedes and Unut over 60% strength

This is something of a puzzle mission that doesn't require much fighting if you do the right things. Take Tempests in place of the Harpoons. Order everyone to engage the enemy at the beginning. When the PCA wings arrive, tell Beta to attack Aries (the Herc IIs) immediately and go after Pisces (the Ursas) yourself. The best way to eliminate them is to hit one side with a few tempests to take down the shields and then use the Maxim alone to destroy them. The bombs are particularly important to shoot down here. Ignore the Deino until there are no enemy fighters left.

When the fighters are all destroyed, rearm immediately and tell everyone to destroy the Deino if it's still around. Once the convoy arrives, fly up to it. When the Neferhor arrives, order everyone to destroy the beam cannon on the bottom of it (near the back) and stay near the convoy yourself, taking down the first Medusa wing when it comes in. After that, order everyone to engage the enemy and hit the Neferhor with the Maxim from long range until it's dead. The convoy will be relatively safe until it nears the node, at which point a Horus wing may suddenly arrive and damage some of the ships.

After the convoy leaves, several wings will come in and your wingmen will promptly own them. Ignore the Amarna when it arrives and stay in front of the Deshret. When the Deshret is almost at the node, one last wave of Sekhmets will arrive. Use your Thunders liberally against these; they need to be taken down very fast or they will suddenly do a lot of damage to the Deshret, since they're so close to it that you can't intercept their bombs. It's a common mistake to join everyone else in pummeling the Amarna and end up missing this final wave. The mission ends right after that.

Mission 5
The Confederal Gauntlet
Difficulty rating: 3
Bonus points: 2, one for destroying 17 ships and another one for getting all 18 of them.
Medal: none

Take Infyrnos in both banks, which aren't that useful against fighters but will make short work of the convoy ships. The Anukets and the Setekh are the easiest to destroy. The Isis aren't very strong but are smaller than many fighters, making them hard to hit. The Satis freighters will be the toughest and are best attacked directly from the bottom with the Infyrnos, where they don't have any turrets. If any of the ships start to jump out, you can still destroy them before they enter the subspace vortex.

For the first wave, destroy the freighters by closing in on each one and launching an Infyrno volley. A Seth will usually come after you, so watch for out that. The second wave is the hardest one. Go after the two Isis transports first and only attack the freighters after the Isis are dead. You'll need to do this part very quickly to get all four of them. At this point, rearm. The third wave contains a cruiser, but you can pretty much ignore it and let Delta deal with it. In the fourth wave, the Isdes leaves rather quickly, so attack it right after it appears. When the fifth wave arrives, attack the Themis. When it reaches 15% and the bomb goes off, run away (you need to be about 3000m away). The bomb will often take out the Baku with it and you can help the others destroy the remaining cruiser.

Mission 6
Defiance of Fate
Difficulty rating: 4
Bonus points: 3, one for saving the Arnu and two for keeping the Deshret above 15%.
Medal: Order of Galatea, for saving the Arnu and completing the mission.

Take a Vulcan in the first bank and a Mekhu in the second one, and put Tempests in both missile banks. The Tauret's large missile capacity is vital, as the mission is long but you won't have any time to rearm. Focus on the bomber waves and ignore the fighters completely unless they attack you. When the Arnu arrives, order Beta wing to defend it and when it docks, tell them to engage the enemy again. You need to move very quickly and take out a bomber wing in less than 15 seconds when you close in on it, which is best done by pounding them with Tempests and quad Mekhu fire at close range. Prioritize the Sekhmets over the Bakhas when possible, as they will do more damage to the Deshret and are also easier to destroy. Use the Vulcan to shoot down any bombs. You should get about 50 kills by the end of the mission and an OOG medal. The 15% objective may take several tries on medium or any higher difficulty, but it's definitely possible to get it (not needed for the medal though).

Mission 7
Lightning Strikes
Difficulty rating: 1
Bonus points: 1, for destroying all six escape pods.
Medal: none

The easiest mission in PI, although the bonus objective is a little tricky. Just take dual Thunder banks and grab some cheap kills. Watch out for the enemy EMP missiles though. If the Sopedu starts taking heavy damage, prioritize the enemy Bakha wings. When the Aswan's strength reaches about 20%, fly below the installation, so that you're facing the fighterbay from the bottom, and wait for the escape pods. You only have about 20 seconds to destroy them all, so go after them as soon as they appear. One Thunder volley is enough for each one. The rest will sort itself out. Clean up the area and return to base.

Mission 8
Fall of the Kingpin
Difficulty rating: 2
Bonus points: none
Medal: none

Take Stilettos in both banks. The Thoths will come after you but are easily dealt with using the Phalanx. There are five turrets (three AAA and two flak) on the back of the Amenemhet that you want to destroy, which can be done with the Akheton from long range. One flak turret is hidden inside the hull (it's a Volition model error that I can't easily fix), but you can still target and damage it. Eliminate the engines and the reactor, leaving a few Stilettos for the navigation. Fly up and hit the nav from above, avoiding getting too close to the ship itself. When the Delphi arrives, you don't need to do anything further; simply grab any kills you can.

A note on the Phalanx: you can make it fire faster by repeatedly switching weapons while firing, as the ROF timer gets reset every time you switch (possibly a bug in the game). Doing this will tear through your weapon energy in a few seconds though. This can be done best using two banks with a Phalanx in each one.

Mission 9
The Ace is Drawn
Difficulty rating: 4
Bonus points: none
Medal: none

A fairly long and involved mission. Replace the Harpoons with either Rockeyes, which don't need an aspect lock and are good for destroying fighters quickly, or Trebuchets, which are very useful against enemy beams but leave you vulnerable to fighters. Destroy the Mjolnir and Alastors at each site using the Maxim from afar. Approach the Coronis from the front/top area and launch your bombs at the communications subsystem. When it's dead, rearm. If you're having to wait because some idiot wingman has also called for a rearm, tell the support ship to depart and call in a new one. Wait around near the Minotaur's runway and when the Sinope arrives, launch a pair of bombs at its front beam turret. It shouldn't be allowed to fire more than once. After the Acantha is gone, you may need to rearm again.

Wait for the Thyrae and approach it with your wingmen to minimize the damage you take. Rearm once again after it's dead, and wait on the other side of the Minotaur. When the Phobetor comes in, approach from the front and take out its beam turrets quickly using your bombs and the Maxim, but stay a little to the side to avoid getting caught in the beams. This is the hardest part of the mission. Don't let the beams fire more than one or two times, as the Minotaur will usually be heavily damaged by now, but it's very easy to get caught in the beam fire. When it's dead, just wait a bit for the end.

If you're getting stuck on this, there is a clever trick that was brought up in the campaign's discussion thread: order everyone to defend the Khepri at the beginning. This makes the mission somewhat easier, as the bombers will often ignore the Minotaur now and give you more time to destroy the warships.

Mission 10
The Allied Counterattack
Difficulty rating: 3
Bonus points: 2, for destroying the Enceladus.
Medal: Medal of Valor, for destroying the Enceladus and saving the Khepren.

Take Stilettos instead of the Tornadoes and give your wingmen Maxims. As you approach the Cypris, go to single fire mode and launch Stilettos at all the turrets in the back; there are two beam turrets, two flak turrets, and a Piranha launcher on the side that you want to remove. Destroy any fighters you encounter too, as the path needs to be cleared for the rest of your wing. Target the engine01 subsystem on the Cypris and unload your bombs. Call in support as needed, but do it before you actually run out bombs. When it gets to about 25% strength, tell Alpha and Gamma to attack the Pirene. Beta will help you finish off the Cypris. After it's dead, approach the Pirene from the back, launch the two bombs you have left and let the others finish it off. Rearm again and get some easy kills once the Khepren arrives.

For the second part of this, you won't normally have time to destroy the Enceladus before it leaves, but if you take down the engine or nav subsystem quickly, it can't jump out (recall missions 5 and 8). Call in Delta for help, destroy the nav since it's weaker, and then finish off the warship. You need to either destroy it very quickly or eliminate the beam turret facing the Khepren; the Khepren will generally die otherwise and you won't get the medal.

Mission 11
The Great Secret
Difficulty rating: 2
Bonus points: 1, for destroying the Lyaeus.
Medal: Distinguished Flying Cross, for destroying the Lyaeus

Take Tempests or Thunders in the first bank and Cyclops in the other one, so you have seven bombs. Sit still for a few seconds if you want, or just go straight after the Tychas. Destroy both AWACS ships using the Vulcan and missiles, but save your bombs for later. Order everyone to attack the cruiser Lyaeus. After the dialogue, you have about two minutes to destroy as much stuff as you can. Approach the Lyaeus from the front and bomb the sensors repeatedly until it's dead, and then go over to the cargo stash right away. You can also nail the sentry guns and other things in the area, but if you take too long to destroy the cargo, several more enemy fighters will arrive. Start flying to the Hybris when it arrives, but call support and rearm before you get there. When the convoy arrives, kill the gas miner with a Cyclops volley and some Tempests, and then wait near the Hybris. Don't go after the Stalker; wait for it to come up to the Hybris and then bomb the front of it, taking care to avoid getting caught in the beams.

Mission 12
Ascension of Terror
Difficulty rating: 4
Bonus points: 1, for saving both the Admetes and Intef
Medal: none

Replace the Tornadoes with Cyclops and take either Trebuchets or Stilettos in the other bank (Stilettos will take down enemy turrets faster, but won't be useful against fighters). Go after the Hercs and Medusas, ignoring the Perseus wings unless they attack you. When the Sinope arrives, quickly take down its main beam (ideally before it fires on the Intef) and the big Phalanx-style laser turret with Trebuchet volleys, and then destroy it with bombs. Rearm after it's dead and focus on the enemy attack waves. After the long dialogue, take down the Serket's right front beam (the one to your right, that is) with a cyclops volley as soon as it turns hostile, and then quickly destroy the other beam with Trebuchets. You don't want it to fire even once, as it will cripple the Admetes and ruin your chances of getting the bonus point. The wingmen will handle the AWACS ship after the Serket is dead. When the new enemy wings arrive, order everyone to engage the enemy. The Zeus bombers should now take priority over the other attackers and can each be downed by a single Trebuchet. The mission ends shortly after that.

Mission 13
Eye of the Storm
Difficulty rating: 4
Bonus points: none
Medal: none

The PCA sets up a fighter screen in pretty much a complete sphere around the Philyra. Fly down about 4000 meters, then forward, and approach the ship from the bottom. Fighters within 1400 meters of your position will show up in the escort list. Use the escort targeting key constantly to check how close any nearby fighters are. If anyone starts getting too close, don't hesitate to run away and wait for him to pass; you have as much time as you need. Taurus 3 is on your side and won't bother you. Follow the same tactics for getting away from the Philyra; it's probably easiest to go up and leave the "sphere" from the top, and then go over to Alpha 1 after you're far enough. You actually can use your afterburners safely, but only if you're quite some distance away (over 3000m) from any enemy fighters. If you're having trouble, you can turn down the difficulty slider to reduce the distance within which they see you.

The rest of the mission is a piece of cake. Listen to the guys rattle on for the next 13 minutes or so, and then stay near the Parapet and TAG any enemy you see. They can't target you and will not use any missiles on you. Hit them with a few primary weapon shots before firing the TAG, so that you get the kill.

Mission 14
Through the Minefield
Difficulty rating: 2
Bonus points: 2, one for scanning the cargo in the second part and another for scanning all four types of the unknown objects in the third part
Medal: Intelligence Cross, for completing the mission.

This "mission" is split into several parts and is actually four separate missions. For the first part, the Thunders are in crates 3 and 8. Once you have scanned them, destroy everything. Avoid taking too much damage here, as you'll be using this ship for a while and can only get repaired up to 60%. When the conversation ends, call in a support ship to rearm you and jump out.

In the next part, follow the others until they stop talking. There are a lot of enemy fighters here, but they're spread over a very large area and if you got through mission 13 you'll find this quite easy. Fly to the left (until you're about in line with Mjolnir 02) and then go forward. When the freighters arrive, select the TC 02 container and add it to your escort list. To get the bonus point, you need to approach it directly from the left, scan it and immediately get out the way (towards the Knossos) before Taurus 1 sees you. You can just go straight to the installation if you don't care about the bonus point. After that, fly forward a bit and then go straight to the base. Unlike mission 13, you can't use afterburners at all since the AWACS will pick them up anywhere in the mission area. After the conversation, fly in the direction of the Agni but slightly downward when Alpha 1 tells you to run away. Stick close to it until it reaches the Knossos and then jump out.

For the third part, follow the others at a close distance until they stop moving. When you find the cargo depot, make sure they fly ahead of you and take the enemy's fire. Scan the third container and then one of the fighters to proceed. When you reach the Agni, you can fly much closer (120m) to the enemy fighters in the nebula without being detected and they can't pick up any afterburners, although weapon usage is still prohibited. When the battle starts, you need to scan one Ancient ship of each type to get the bonus point, before they are all destroyed by the Shivans. Scan a corvette first, followed by a fighter and then a bomber. The Ancients will ignore you unless you attack them, and the Shivans will generally do the same unless you get too close to their warships. Go up to the Agni once you've scanned everything and get a scan of the object it's docked to. Watch the proceedings and then follow Alpha 1 to the nav point. A few wings of Shivans will come after you. Take down the Astaroths first. The Shivans can kill you quickly at a distance, so fly up close to them before you attack them. Once they're all dead, go to the node and jump out.

In the final part, you can just run away from the enemy fighters, but see if you can nab a few. There is a save point at the beginning, so it doesn't matter if you mess up and die. When 30 seconds have passed, jump out.

Mission 15
Cracks in the Wall
Difficulty rating: 5
Bonus points: 3, one for each secondary objective and one for the bonus objective of nailing 25 turrets
Medal: Meritorious Unit Commendation, for getting 25 turrets.

A tough mission, but the turrets you destroy here will make the final mission significantly easier. Replace
the Subach with a Vulcan. There is a lone laser turret on the Saturn's midsection (on the side facing you) that will give you trouble, so the first thing you should do is to unload all eight Trebuchets on it from long range. When you close in on the Saturn, stay at roughly a 45 degree angle to the comm tower section, which will prevent the laser turret on the other side from seeing you. In general, you want to position yourself between 1500m and 2000m (closer to 2000m) of any turrets you're attacking. You can just sit there and pound them with the Akheton without taking any return fire.

The two beam turrets on the top of the comm tower are the easiest to take out, so get them first. The six big turrets on top of the midsection should go next, followed by the two flak turrets near the base of the comm tower (these are particularly important), and then the two Piranha launchers in the back. After that, you can destroy any that are located conveniently, including five remaining ones just under the blue strip on the midsection (the area where you got the laser turret at the begining), three on top of the front section and two on the side of the front section. There are also five on the back that are easy to take out, but will require you to move a fair bit to get into a good position to attack them. Ignore the ones on the opposite side or beneath the ship unless you happen to get a clear shot at one. If you're really good, you can also try removing the single laser turret under the comm tower, which is difficult to reach and stronger than the others but will make the final mission quite easy if taken out.

You should have easily destroyed 15 turrets by the five or six minute mark. If you want to forego the other objectives, you can just run away at this point and wait it out. Otherwise, use the Vulcan and Trebuchets to destroy the Onuris from about 1500m away, and then do the same with the Herse. Resume attacking the turrets after that. You want to have destroyed 20 turrets before the timer passes eight minutes. If you do everything right, you have just enough time to eliminate five more to get 25. It's a good idea to leave the ones in the back for this, as the enemy fighters won't be able to reach you easily over there. This is probably the hardest medal and bonus point to get in the campaign, but it's doable.

The enemy fighters sport Kaysers and can destroy your ship very quickly if you're slow to react when they come after you. You will generally encounter a few at the beginning, after which they will leave you alone for a while, and then attack you intermittently starting from about halfway through the mission. When fighting them, be careful not to fly too close to the Saturn. You can either let them come to you or use two pairs of Thunders against them. Rearm frequently, especially if you start to run low on Thunders. Finally, note that any turrets you damage but don't fully destroy will be repaired in the final mission.

Mission 16
The Final Fortress
Difficulty rating: 2
Bonus points: 1, for destroying all eight escape pods
Medal: Procyon Campaign Victory Star, for completing the mission.

This one is easier than it looks, as the Amun Mark II can take tons of punishment. Take a Maxim and a Phalanx (in that order; the Kayser's short range is prohibitive here), and Cyclops in all three missile banks. Avoid targeting the enemy fighters unless they attack you, as your turrets will go after anything you target and just make them angry. The turrets can also be turned off to prevent this. Go to the left side of the Phoron, destroy all the sentries and other stuff there, target the sensors and unload your bombs. When the Phoron launches its pods, kill them quickly since they only stay around for about 30 seconds. After the Phoron is destroyed, rearm and fly into the big framework structure, kill the gas miner, target the Xanthus's fighterbay (which is on the other side) and fire your bombs until it's dead. When the pods come, take them down rapidly as before. The Erytheia should pose no problems.

Mission 17
Wrath of History
Difficulty rating: 5
Bonus points: 1, for destroying any one of the reactors.
Medal: Imperial Order of Vasuda, for completing the mission.

The final mission, another multi-part one like 14. This can potentially be quite hard but becomes easier if you hit the right turrets in mission 15. The Amun II is an automatic choice; take either Helios bombs in all three banks or, if you didn't get all the turrets near the back in mission 15, take Stilettos and destroy them as you approach the ship. A bunch of fighters will come at you as you head for the Saturn. Hide behind the Sekham's front section and use the Phalanx to pick them off as they come into view. You actually don't have to destroy any reactors since the objectives change, but doing so gives you a bonus point. Fly into the back of the ship (on the top side) and take out the laser turret under the comm tower if it's still active. Hide in the crevice in the midsection and attack reactor 2. When it's down, keep launching bombs at that spot and reload when necessary. Call in the support ship well before you actually run out of bombs, as it can sometimes take a while to reach you. At some point, Command will tell you to forget the reactors and just destroy the Saturn. When it reaches 2%, a cutscene will be triggered.

The second half of the mission is easier as long as you approach it the right way. The juggernaut is strong, but it has a huge blind spot with no turrets in the entire rear section, with the three tentacle-like things. Rearm right away at the beginning and then fly towards its rear but parallel to it. Take out the two topside turrets that are near its engine (not the big ones near the center), target the engine and then get behind one of the tentacles. You want to position yourself so that your bombs lock on to the engine, but the tentacle is in the way and they hit that instead. This will prevent the turrets from shooting down your bombs and you won't take any return fire. The enemy fighters will come after you at some point and are best handled with the Maxim and your Vulcan turrets (they can run circles around you but the Vulcans will rapidly damage them).

Getting the kill for both it and the Saturn (i.e. doing at least 30% of non-beam damage to them) will give you a ton of points and an almost certain promotion.