The Procyon Insurgency


The Procyon Insurgency V1.05

FS2 Open 3.7.2 (required)

FS2 2014 Media VP thread (recommended)

Installing The Procyon Insurgency (PI) is simple:

1: Create a folder called PI in your Freespace 2 directory and extract PImain.vp, mod.ini and PI.bmp into it. If you have a previous version of PI installed, remove those files first.

2: If you're using the 2014 Media VP content files, extract PIassets.vp into the PI folder too. This file should only be used if you have the Media VPs installed.

3: Start the FS2 Launcher, select the PI directory as a mod and load up the game.

4: Create a new pilot (or clone an existing one) before playing PI to avoid any potential problems with conflicting tables.