The Procyon Insurgency


The Procyon Insurgency (PI) is a high quality 17 mission campaign for Freespace 2. It is set 18 to 20 months after the end of the main Freespace 2 campaign, near the end of the year 2368. As a new Vasudan pilot recently recruited into the ranks of the GTVA, you are assigned to the crew of the GVD Sekham in Polaris as the Alliance attempts to eradicate the rapidly propagating Procyon Confederal Autonomy. See the storyline section for details.

PI is mostly a no-frills campaign that emphasizes quality mission design, with fun and balanced gameplay and a complex and realistic plot. The missions have all been heavily playtested, on the order of 20 to 50 times each, and bugs should be at an absolute minimum. The campaign utilizes many new features added into the game from the Freespace Source Code Project and requires a fairly recent version of FS2 Open.

I originally started the project in June 2001 as a four mission mini-campaign, although there have been a lot of major changes since then and the final product has little in common with my original ideas. It has been the culmination of nearly 1000 hours of work spread out over the years.

Gameplay Notes
1: Most of the missions give you special "bonus points" for completing extra secondary or bonus objectives. You will see a flashing indicator on your HUD when you obtain a bonus point. There are a total of 20 bonus points in the campaign. At the end, you will get a percentage score based on how many you acquired. If you manage to get 100%, consider yourself a true master. :)

2: You will often not fly as Alpha 1 but instead in one of the other wing positions. While changing your ship's loadout, modify the ship highlighted in red (which designates your ship) and not always Alpha 1 as you might be used to.

3: The properties of some ships and weapons have been slightly altered for better game balancing. Some of the ships/weapons that were previously too underpowered or too effective have been changed accordingly. The stats displayed in the loadout screen will reflect this.

Known Bugs
1: Some missions will occasionally crash the game during the loading sequence. Load the mission again and just keep trying it until it works. The mission will almost always load up fine on the second try. This is related to a pilot file bug in FS2 that is currently under investigation.

2: In mission 17, weapons will go through the enemy warship's hull in some places. I know how to correct this but my fix is introducing more serious issues elsewhere. The impact on the mission's gameplay should be minimal, in any case.

Contact Information
If you have any questions or want to submit feedback on the campaign, send me an email at cp5670 <at> g mail <dot> com or a private message at the HLP forums, where I am a regular poster under the name CP5670.